Evia, the island of pleasure, adventure, and discovery awaits you to explore it.

South Evia`s innumerable beaches are without a doubt among the best in Greece. They combine crystal clear waters with amazing clarity, endless blue and deep green. Several are small, hidden coves found at the end of dramatic ravines, adding to their remoteness and exotic feel.

Selecting the best ones wasn’t an easy task with so many beaches to choose from. Don`t forget to take your necessary beach equipment (sun umbrella, water etc) with you, cause most of the beaches are unorganized.


Choose one of the special offers or just add the Organized Trekking Tour at your booking and prepare yourself for an unforgettable time at the House of Prince.

The tour is for those seeking relaxation and a little excitement.

You will get to know all about the Dragon Houses and the Gate of Armenon.

There is a theory that the drakospita were temples dedicated to the patron of quarries, Hercules, who looked upon them from afar and would inspire the workers to continue their difficult work.

Dragon houses are prehistoric megalithic constructions, unique in the Mediterranean.They are constructed exclusively from stone without absolutely any bond or other material.

We will walk along the ancient carved stone track that was used to cart the large boulders from the quarries to the port of Styra.

The gate of Armenon or Larmenon, is one of the monuments that signals the historic succession in the area of Styra. It is preserved on top of Ayios Nikolaos of Diakofti (, in the mountain Kliosi in Styra height 450 m.).

The gate, that constitutes the emblem of Municipality of Styra, is an impressive megalithic construction made with Cyclopean Stones, while the remains of ancient cyclopean wall can be noted on the left and right side of it.

In later years, Western Europeans built a castle over the walls of the ancient Acropolis of Styra, that was occupied in early 1300 A.D. by the Catalans, who sold the fortress to the Enetians in 1373. It’s use continued after the occupation of Evia in 1470 from the Ottomans.

An important monument, highly visitable, that points out the importance of the area.

You will travel back in time and you can let your imagination guess what these sights were like in the past. A unique adventure experience, full of energetic vibes.


Congratulations! You have made it to the House of Prince. Our welcome basket will make your first hours and days much more comfortable. Rusks and cookies, butter, milk, honey, jam, wine, tsipouro, fresh seasonal vegetable and fruit, local pasta, cheese, chocolate and energy bar, water and fresh eggs are some of the finest organic delicacies we have selected for you.


Choose one of the special offers or just add the Cooking Meal Experience at your booking and prepare yourself for an unforgettable time at the House of Prince.

Would you like to bake bread and pita (pie with fresh vegetables and local cheese) in the wood oven, as well as delicious lamb with rosemary and lemon sauce. Each time the famous local olive oil will be present on the table. The visitors of “The House of Prince” are welcome to pick fruit and aromatic herbs, fresh organic vegetables from our gardens and participate at the preparation of the most typical Greek dishes. Finally you can all enjoy an unforgettable meal from fresh, quality ingredients and some fine local wine.

What makes Greek cuisine unique is the combination of the following elements: the ingredients, the Greek philosophy on nutrition matters, the sharing of meals with others, as well as the country itself and its whole atmosphere.

The unique flavors of Greek cuisine distinguish Greece. While you are in Styra, you will get some pleasant gastronomic surprises.

Despite the fact that it’s practically surrounded by sea, locally-raised meat has always taken the centre stage in kitchens throughout southern Evia. In fact, the livestock which is primarily raised within the fertile plains and mountainsides of Ochi is well known as being top quality throughout both Evia and Greece. Dishes such as mprizola (steak) and pa-idakia (lamb chops) are some regional staples.

The cheese produced from these animals are equally sought after, including the touloumotyri cheese (like feta), anthotyro, graviera and several other varieties.

Another local product is the delicious kourkoubinia (or gkogkilies), which are small pieces of dough twisted on a rolling pin and then boiled and sautéed in goat butter or oil. It is served with cheese on top

Like the rest of Evia, the island’s southern region produces aromatic organic honey, which is fantastic on its own and even better when used to make some of the area’s desserts, such as walnut pie and the syrup-soaked cake known as Ravani. An unusual sweet that is commonly made here is halvas with sweet myzithra cheese. But don’t take our word for it; the only way to know for sure is to indulge!


Choose the special offer for the grapes’ harvesting and prepare yourself for an unforgetable experience in the greek countryside and the House of Prince.

The Greek countryside is waiting to reveal its secrets to unsuspecting visitors and well-informed nature lovers alike. Harvest activities set the tone, and visitors are welcome to join in this celebration of the land. The harvesting of olives dates back to antiquity. Since olive trees are very sensitive to cold, rain and damp weather, harvesting is carried out in favorable conditions, on mild sunny days at the beginning of November.

The House of Prince allows guests to help with the olive harvest as part of a trip during which they also experience the sights and way of life in the region. Visitors can, if they want to pick the olives using any of a number of age-old harvesting techniques, working for just one day or for a number of weeks in a row. Then they can help transfer the harvested olives to a traditional olive press and initiate themselves into the traditional art of extracting the precious oil, watching as the golden oil begins to flow and fills the air with its aromatic fragrance. Once the olives have been pressed, anyone who has helped is welcome to take some oil home in lieu of payment or maybe even fill up a couple of bottles bearing their very own personalised label.

This is an interactive holiday choice, and one which goes way beyond the scope of a simple tourist visit. At the end of the harvest there is a huge feast and a celebration to reward the efforts of all those who have helped. This is a reinvigorated tradition that stretches back to ancient times. Abundant quantities of fresh olive oil are used to prepare the food for the feast, which the diners inevitably find to be the tastiest they have ever enjoyed. Rolling up your sleeves and actually being part of the harvest gives rise to an untold sense of satisfaction among all those who do it and leaves its own special aftertaste that lingers on, making life itself just that little bit better.


Choose the special offer for the grapes’ harvesting and prepare yourself for an unforgetable experience in the greek countryside and the House of Prince.

Grape picking is the most pleasant collective agricultural activity and takes place at the end of August or beginning of September. All activities associated with grapes are cause for celebration. This work is accompanied with songs and goes on as a feast that lasts throughout the pressing of grapes and ends by the time when barrels are filled with the grape must – the prize of a whole year’s work at the vineyards.

The visitor of “The House of Prince” is welcome to participate in grape picking in order to experience the generosity of the greek land and the bond of the people to their land and its products.

The grapes residue is left to ferment and in October it is transferred to copper stills to be distilled and produce the famous “tsipouro”, a “remedy” for body and soul.


Based on the philosophy of Greek Hospitality, we welcome Wine Lovers. Explore all aspects of wine, with all your senses, through the wine tasting produced by Evia.

The serene tranquility of the location combined with the tasting of wine from varieties we love, is an enjoyable experience on your vacation.

Add the wine tasting option at your booking and prepare yourself for an unforgettable time at the House of Prince.


Sit back, make a dive in the pool, read a book or just relax and we will prepare a delicious backyard barbeque night for your friends and family. The relaxed, fun environment, the magnificent view and our favorite grilling recipes is the best idea for an evening at the House of Prince.

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