Dragon Houses


There is a theory that the drakospita were temples dedicated to the patron of quarries, Hercules, who looked upon them from afar and would inspire the workers to continue their difficult work.

Dragon houses are prehistoric megalithic constructions, unique in the Mediterranean.

They are constructed exclusively from stone without absolutely any bond or other material. The roof of dragon houses is made with the known as “ekforiko” system (staged construction). Enormous plates of slate converge in layers from two facing walls, and each one added sticks out a little more from the one below her, so as to create a pyramidical roof.

The masterly way of connecting the squared stone blocks is a real architectural challenge. The uniqueness of the dragon house leads to the conclusion, that their constructors had exceptional skills in the carving of stone and very good knowledge of statics and architecture.

Over 20 dragon houses have been found in the region of Styra.