Traditional Cooking


Would you like to bake bread and pita (pie with fresh vegetables and local cheese) in the wood oven, as well as delicious lamb with rosemary and lemon sauce. Each time the famous local olive oil will be present on the table. The visitors of “The House of Prince” are welcome to pick fruit and aromatic herbs, fresh organic vegetables from our gardens and participate at the preparation of the most typical Greek dishes. Finally you can all enjoy an unforgettable meal from fresh, quality ingredients and some fine local wine.

What makes Greek cuisine unique is the combination of the following elements: the ingredients, the Greek philosophy on nutrition matters, the sharing of meals with others, as well as the country itself and its whole atmosphere.

The unique flavors of Greek cuisine distinguish Greece. While you are in Styra, you will get some pleasant gastronomic surprises.

Despite the fact that it’s practically surrounded by sea, locally-raised meat has always taken the centre stage in kitchens throughout southern Evia. In fact, the livestock which is primarily raised within the fertile plains and mountainsides of Ochi is well known as being top quality throughout both Evia and Greece. Dishes such as mprizola (steak) and pa-idakia (lamb chops) are some regional staples.

The cheese produced from these animals are equally sought after, including the touloumotyri cheese (like feta), anthotyro, graviera and several other varieties.

Another local product is the delicious kourkoubinia (or gkogkilies), which are small pieces of dough twisted on a rolling pin and then boiled and sautéed in goat butter or oil. It is served with cheese on top

Like the rest of Evia, the island’s southern region produces aromatic organic honey, which is fantastic on its own and even better when used to make some of the area’s desserts, such as walnut pie and the syrup-soaked cake known as Ravani. An unusual sweet that is commonly made here is halvas with sweet myzithra cheese. But don’t take our word for it; the only way to know for sure is to indulge!