Olive Gathering


The Greek countryside is waiting to reveal its secrets to unsuspecting visitors and well-informed nature lovers alike. Harvest activities set the tone, and visitors are welcome to join in this celebration of the land. The harvesting of olives dates back to antiquity. Since olive trees are very sensitive to cold, rain and damp weather, harvesting is carried out in favorable conditions, on mild sunny days at the beginning of November.

The House of Prince allows guests to help with the olive harvest as part of a trip during which they also experience the sights and way of life in the region. Visitors can, if they want to pick the olives using any of a number of age-old harvesting techniques, working for just one day or for a number of weeks in a row. Then they can help transfer the harvested olives to a traditional olive press and initiate themselves into the traditional art of extracting the precious oil, watching as the golden oil begins to flow and fills the air with its aromatic fragrance. Once the olives have been pressed, anyone who has helped is welcome to take some oil home in lieu of payment or maybe even fill up a couple of bottles bearing their very own personalised label.

This is an interactive holiday choice, and one which goes way beyond the scope of a simple tourist visit. At the end of the harvest there is a huge feast and a celebration to reward the efforts of all those who have helped. This is a reinvigorated tradition that stretches back to ancient times. Abundant quantities of fresh olive oil are used to prepare the food for the feast, which the diners inevitably find to be the tastiest they have ever enjoyed. Rolling up your sleeves and actually being part of the harvest gives rise to an untold sense of satisfaction among all those who do it and leaves its own special aftertaste that lingers on, making life itself just that little bit better.